The King of Purple

By Vincent Gomez, age 12


We rode in his little red Corvette,
while seeing the most beautiful girl in the world.  

And as the years went by,
we heard when the doves cried,
as the purple rain poured down.  

But slowly the rain is purple no more.
Clear, regular, and normal.
However we remember those days,
when he was dynamic, outstanding,
and when his purple magic sparkled.

Vincent Gomez is a 12 year old kid from New York City. He's the son of a Dominican father and a Colombian mother who then lived in Manhattan. From a young age, he loved the New York Yankees. At age 8, he moved over to Miami Florida with his mom. From there, he made many friends in the four schools he went to.  Now, he's at M.A.C, where he can focus on writing more with the Creative Writing Program. To this day, Vincent still loves baseball and he's on the X-treme Braves of Miami, Florida. His favorite things are social media, food, family, baseball, writing, comedy, politics, cooking, and current events.