A Ghost Story

By p.e. garcia


Ghost of Hunger

the ghost is a presence defined by negative space, a nothingness gripping your leg, your waist, your lungs, your throat, your tongue, creating a silence surrounded by static.


Ghost of Sound

& the static pops, hisses, cracks, from indiscernible distances, at once from across the room & from across an ocean; a crippling sound, burrowing through ear drum, through brain, through bone, to the marrow of your being. 


Ghost of Self

& so you wonder if after ten years, a year, a day—if after the passage of any time at all—if you will remember this, the tangible moment, sitting in a room chilled by recycled air, held high above the city, watching through the window as a mist breaks out over the river, through the trees, out into the streets, erasing the visibility of all who inhabit them.

p.e. garcia is a contributor to HTMLGiant and an editor-at-large at the Rumpus. Born and raised in Arkansas, they currently live in Philadelphia.