Sunnydale, California Room 1 Poems from an AOL Chatroom, January, 21 1998

By Michael B. Tager



It’s Deafening
by BuffySummers01


You were the first
But you weren’t for real
I used to be one of the sunny people
Now the night is inside
With you, soulless
Taking all I had to give
My lips quiet
Inside, sobs deafening
Thunder, over the water

Won’t you come back?

Or will I stand alone?


Counterpoint: I’m Going to Murder You Tomorrow On Your Way Home from School
by Angelus_Not_Angel


Passion rules us
Rules you, anyway
Don’t ask me why
The palm tree doesn’t seek answers
From the sun
Street rats simply die
Their bellies exposed to bone-Moon
Passion is where our hearts
Beating or not
I know where you sleep
I know where you’ve buried your secret valve chamber
Behind the porch
Beneath the flower bed
Down in the rich dirt
Where no one can hear you


Counter-Counterpoint: It’s all about the blood, baby
by William the Bloody


Passion is not the only renown
Beauty comes dressed in crimson-dark clothes
Along the stars, tinged in dread
The bubbling beauty of newborn dead
And lo! A pool of briny life
Vanishing from two pinpoint knifes
Into the streets, the asphalt dark
Your belly sated, mind dimly sparked
Slivery lust in your darkest soul
Blood is the bounteous, effulgent goal

Technology and Witchcraft: A Binding *Poem*
by JewTree and Techn0Pagan


Missing and vanished
Still unclean, still unburied
Spirts in-between, hark my words
Hecate, cast shackles of leaf and vine
Minerva, let the moon’s blood rain upon empty eyes
Humanity’s pain, through demon soul
Hear my words
Read my voice
Channel azure sky through my palms
Animal begone, humanity set free
My hands upon the globe of crystal
My will be done.


By ~DrusillaLikesDolls~

Pretty spells
Sparks lie in fingernails
Unignited like daisies on the mantle
Coiling spiders of rivets and pus
Everything loved dies
Baby birds make for dollops of ivy ice cream
Frozen head the cherry in my shoulder
The Fool has not yet spoken
His lips are bound with wire and lace
Don’t you know it’s not my birthday?
Don’t you know it’s not my birthday?


Who Let the Crazies into This Party? or, Don’t Worry, We Got Your Back
By XHarris377

Ignore them
I see you’re special,
Something extraordinary.
You’re the chosen, the spotlight.
I live so near it, but I can’t step inside.
But you need me, you need us, we’re all stronger
Together. I see you because no one needs to watch me.
But we watch you. We know you. We all know you. These creeps
Won’t come near you. I have a backpack full of Scooby snacks, to share.


This Chatroom Should Be Monitored

Someone should tell the police
Tell the Mayor, himself
Chins waggle, eyes distant
Our future is made of so much garbage
Odorous and vile
Even the librarian is suspect
I miss order, the lash
Dog days gone
Not every principal gets eaten
by hyenas

Unplug! Unplug!
By WatchermanRIP

There once was a man from Nantucket
Who told you to sign off, you
daft children.

Michael B. Tager is a writer and editor from Baltimore. He is wary of bears. His website is