Jaws IV: The Revenge, Sonnet II

By Chelsea Margaret Bodnar


Let's talk about new-old romance, the kind that only comes along
when your husband and your youngest son
are killed by sharks and you're just trying to get by as a widow,
a set of shoulderpads and a frothy perm,
the tannest, tensest grandma on the beach,
and you're not really expecting anything to happen
other than another attack on your depleted family,
certainly not expecting a small aircraft pilot
played by Michael Caine to sweep you off your feet
to the chagrin of your firstborn, oedipal and shark-bereaved,
the cartilage-bodied horrors having taken away
everything stalking from New England to the tropics,
but your love is like these monsters' teeth:
when one's pulled out a new one pushes right into its place.

Chelsea Margaret Bodnar is a 26 year old writer and lifelong resident of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where she works as a legal secretary at the Office of the Public Defender. Her work has been published in Thin Air, NANO Fiction, Collision, and Metazen.