Not Your High School Girlfriend

Dispatches from the corner of Hollywood and Motherhood

By Mia Sara


Spring Is Over


Since when was this
over blown party girl,

eyes too wide
shedding her dress?

I’ve seen better tits
lose the war

under pressure
to perform, blooming miracles.

Every great expectation
comes to bear.

Maybe it’s better to look away
and call yourself a desert.

All kidding aside,
the end is always present

in the choicest fruit.
How many hearts have you broken

with your sunny disposition?
Not counting the fledglings

kicked from the nest
to make room for just more.

I complain about it.
All the crumbs,

relentless mess, a tangle
of wires, the stinking sludge

collecting in the drains.
Memories with their edges curled.

I sweep, and carry a damp sponge,
wiping up the residue

the dribs and drabs
of loss

polishing these memorials,
so I can go on



Mia Sara used to be an actress, but recovered her senses and now she writes. Her work has been published in Superstition Review, Helix, poemmemoirstory, The Summerset Review, PANK, the Write Room, among many others. Her chapbook, Mid-Life With Gorilla was published by Dusie Press, and she had a long running column “Wrought and Found” for PANK Magazine. She lives between New York City and Los Angeles with her husband, Brian Henson, and her children. Read more from Mia at her website.