Barrelhouse Magazine

Barrelhouse started auspiciously in a Washington, DC bar in 2004, in between discussions of Snoop Dogg, Patrick Swayze movies, and the difficulties of getting published in literary magazines. Like a great bouncer/philosopher, Barrelhouse magazine delivers accessible reading with a smart twist.

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The Unintentionally grim issue

Didn't mean for that to happen, but here we are? But as with all grim things, there's humor and deep thoughts and shallow thoughts and sadness and joy. Nonfiction guest edited by Marissa Landrigan. Special appearance by a sentient toupee. 



Michael Seymour Blake, Jaqueline Boucher, Matthew David Brozik, Michael Reid Busk, Edward Capobianco, Cortney Lamar Charleston, Alessandra Criseo, Josh Denslow, Julia Dixon Evans, Elizabeth Bales Frank, Hannah Gamble, Dina Hardy, Aubrey Hirsch, Nichole LeFebvre, Sheila McMullin, Patricia Ann McNair, Jeff Pearson, Meghan Privitello, Chad Schuster, Daniel Shapiro, Nicole Steinberg, Devin Symons


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